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    ssar-15 bumpstock

    I have to ask.. does this additon to an AR15. work. Like "THEY SAY IT DOES". and if so it looks like a good time. But my question is does it work and is it worth the money.Has any one Tested this product??. Any and all feedback would be super.

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    A friend of mine has one and liked it so much that he has another on its way in the mail for his other AR.

    If you knew this dude personally, you would consider my last statement a golden seal of approval. Im ordering one for my AK when they become available in a few months.

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    It Look likes a Great product

    But man 350.00 to blow up a ton of Ammo at a time i just dont know. I would like to see somemore feed back if possible.

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    Thumbs down

    These are what I call "Goon Gimmicks"

    Full auto bump stock ? What purpose does it serve ? Other than making a lot of noise and wasting your ammo ?

    The AR and it's military varients where never meant to be "machine guns" and they never have served that purpose. The "fun button" is a quick way to miss targets, deplete ammunition and look like a red neck.

    And, it's expensive !! I'd rather put a $200 LMT SOPMOD stock on my rifle than have that POS.

    It's this kind of hillbilly products that give law abiding gun owners the "redneck" tag by the rest of the population that hasn't decided yet if they are anti or pro 2nd Amendment.

    I recently had ammuniton loaded for me. Sierra Match King 77 grain BTHT and it cost me $1,000. Do you really think I'm going to waste even one single round of this high end ammunition on bump firing ? You gotta be kidding me, right ?

    Keep up the good work boy's.
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    I might get one for my AK, but it's one of the many accessories out there: fun-yes, practical-no.

    The AK stock is now scheduled for February.

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