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    Quote Originally Posted by MufDady View Post
    18" is the Fed law on the barrel, and I was tolld by an ATF agent, that the overall length of the gun had to be at least 29", am I right?
    No, 26" with the stock fully extended; this is for short rifles and shotguns. In CA, it's measured with the stock fully collapsed or folded up.
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    I don't know any details about the picture, just that it looked painful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by festus View Post
    There are now 2 or more sides to the story. The plaintiff's, the defendant's, and the police report.

    From the pattern I'd say that this knucklehead was about 15-20 yards from a cylinder bore bbl.

    At less than 10 feet the same round would have been lethal.

    I don't know who the shooter was , (depending on the state where this took place) but he is potentially in for one hell of a lawsuit even if he was right in the use of dedaly force.

    Hunting accident maybe? Thatís pretty much all I could come up with. Can't really see how a self defense incident occurred at roughly 20 yards out taking a shot in the side. He could have either been turning away from the shooter (if this was a self defense case, Iíd say the shoot doesn't have a leg to stand on).

    My $.02
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    I went through the same thoughts. I went to every gun shop and sporting goods store. Shouldered the shotgun. I was considering a .308, but after looking, and thinking, I figured that if someone was breaking in, it would be, like outside or inside, not a mile away. I then decided to go with a shotgun with as short a barrel I could get without modifying anything.
    I considered all. and ended up with a Mossberg 535 with a Tactical collapsable stock. .12 ga. Pump. I also have a Franchi semi-auto. I wanted a pump for the safety, and the noise of it. NON CAMO. 5 rounds should be enough for this situation, if not another couple is not going to help anyway. This thing is Scary looking. I am getting Training loads that are powder only, for the noise effect inside the house for the first round at least. Especially if a family member comes home drunk. My wife said that it was a good thing to have for home defense if needed.
    I also have a .12 ga flare gun. If you shoot anyone with that thing. they will not heal. Single shot, easily hidden under the pillow. Right or wrong. that is what I did.
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    I never understood why you can purchase an AR15 with a 16" barrel but not a shotty. Excluding doing the whole "SBR" type thing and paying the 200 dollar tax stamp fee.

    Just one more goofy BATFE law to have contend with.
    "When a government robs Peter to pay Paul it will alway's have the support of Paul" George Bernard Shaw

  7. My suggestion is a 12 gauge that will shoot 2 3/4" shells. A 3 inch 12 gauge round will deliver more shot but you pay through the nose for them AND they kick hard enough to slow down follow up shots AND it cuts down mag capacity. Shotguns in general (with the exception of the Saiga mag fed ones) are slow to reload. Figger on having only what is in in the gun.

    The action type (semi auto or pump) is up to you. I went with a semi auto because I HATE pump guns with a purple passion and have never been able to work them well enough to satisfy me.

    I'd go with either a full stock or one of the collapsible stocks that's now available. Pistol grips are cool to look at, easy to maneuver in close quarters but a cast iron ***** to shoot with anything but low brass birdshot. If you forget and try to 'shoulder' it to look down the sights, you can end up busting yorself in the mouth. That's a mite more distraction than you will need at the time if it's a self defense situation. Besides, you never know when somebody will just need a good buttstroke.

    As for barrel length, I'd stay short- between 20-21 inches and the legal minimum of 18. GET A FULL LENGTH MAG TUBE. It ain't gonna make the gun any longer, so why not have the extra shot(s)? Since speedloading a shotgun is an art unto itself, I'd rather have the extra ammo loaded up already. Besides, the added weight out front makes the first couple shots hang closer to the target for faster reacquisition and follow up shots.

    Sights are up to your preferences. I went with rifle sights with an open rear rather than a ghost ring rear or just a front bead because I like my shooting accurate but I didn't want to have to send the gun off for the mounting of the rear peep sight and that big white bead on the front sight makes it easy to focus on.

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    I agree with jtg452. Although Thankfully I have Never had to fire a shotgun inside the house.
    I think A 20" barrel is better than one of those super short ones, for accuracy. 28 might be a bit long to maneuver.
    Semi Auto is the best if you are thinking of follow up shots.
    Racking the bolt slide to load the chamber of a Semi is just as loud as a pump, and really means business. The cost is only a little higher.
    I would think that 2 3/4 is the maximum round to use. #4 buckshot or #000 buck. Low Brass for indoors.
    I stayed away from the Mossy 835 because you can not shoot slugs through it if you also want to go deer hunting later. Or disable a vehicle parked out front.
    I installed a Red Dot sight, as it is only for targeting anyway, no magnification. It really works to put you on target fast.
    I would also install a sling so you do not lose your gun.
    Practice is King. Perfect Practice equals Perfect Performance. Sloppy Practice is worse than none.
    For immediate use, I carry a flare gun. You can light up anyone with one of those, just do not use it indoors, or you will light up your house.

  9. i've got a mossberg 500 and i keep it next to me all night with a backup bedside gun rack. The-BackUp | The Bedside Gun Rack
    i used to keep it under the bed, but one night heard a suspicious noise and couldnt get my hands on the damn gun!

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    I read last week Obama and his Czars want to ban Pump shotguns. Pretty soon the only thing left will be a rubber band, but the spitball will be illegal.

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    We have a Mossberg for home defense and a pistol on my hips at all times...well...except when I am in the toots or in the shower...
    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
    G'day and Glock

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