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  1. kel-tec shotgun is the coolest shotgun so far you got to look at it

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    For Home Defense, it is my opinion that anything over 20 gauge should be fine. Mossberg makes one already put together, so you do not need to buy and modify anything, I am a fan of factory built anything. 18 or 20 inch barrel, and a collapsable stock. Makes it about 36" long collapsed for concealed storage. I am not a big fan of pistol grips, but, on a collapsable stock, that is what you get.
    In all the reading I have done, I think "T" shot is the load of choice, and this is what I decided to stock up on. Some say 00 or 000 buckshot, but inside it will make a real mess of the house and perhaps harm those in the next room.
    Were someone to attempt to invade my home in the middle of the night, after identifying that it was not my son coming home late, my first goal would be to injure not kill. At those close ranges 5-10 feet Bird Shot will not spread more than 5" anyway, and a shot to the abdomen or groin should do the trick. Some say that that shot is no good because it does not penetrate, but it will certainly knock someone down.
    Over/Under, Double barrel side by side, or semi auto, followed by pump, and single shot last choice for me. Only the movies need lots of rounds. 1 or 2 well placed shots should be enough.

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    870 express with extended mag. Simple, effective, versatile.
    Add a rifled barrel and a scope and you can shoot deer and pig out to 150 yds with Hornady slugs.

  5. Tactical foldable ajustable stock prob solved 18" FN has a great one rails sights everything about $400

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    Quote Originally Posted by dumb okie View Post
    I'm surprised nobody's mentioned the Stoeger Double Defense 12ga. It is a 20inch barrel side by side with dual picitiny rails. One on the receiver and one below the barrels. All for under $400

    Anybody here ever buy one of these ? Wondering about your experience with it.

    My buddy bought one a while ago (he said it was an impulse buy cause it looked so damn cool). It functions fine and shoots like one would expect a 20" IC barreled 12 gauge to shoot. His only gripe is the finish on the metal parts. Rubs off sort of easily in spots.


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    I have a benelli tactical supernova that I purchased from a friend. I added a Nordic components magazine extension and Mesa tactical rail/shell holder (6 shells)
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    If it doesn't fit, FORCE it! If it breaks then it needed to be replaced anyway.

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