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  1. Update to the AR15

    Here are some updated pictures of the AR15. What do you think? The down side is the weather has been so bad here in Ohio I have not been able to get out and shoot it yet. BUT! Going to visit the son in Fl. Next week and we are going to put some lead down range.

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    I just got my first AR last month. I plan on buying some stuff for it. Optics, bipod, maybe foregrip. I like the direction your going with yours. I can't tell from the pic, what brand is that?
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  4. I put it together myself. It has something from just about everyone. RRA,DPMS, and Bushmaster mostly

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    looks good I have put 2 RRA together and love them. I have a preban bushmaster I an looking into making a varmit rifle out of.
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    A few months ago I got the S&W M&P 15. The gun shoots great and is really accurate. I put a fore end grip on it a couple weeks ago and I like it even more. I plan on adding some optics at some point but that's about all she needs

  7. I am going to shoot mine next week in Fl. After that I may change out the sites. Or maybe a scope but I think thatís about all I may do to mine, anyway at this point. :03:

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    Looking good! Can't wait till you get here and we can hit the range!!

    Which reminds me I need to load up some more ammo!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KimberRB View Post
    I am going to shoot mine next week in Fl. After that I may change out the sites. Or maybe a scope but I think that’s about all I may do to mine, anyway at this point. :03:
    i like the 2 tone. i built mine too. It's mostly DPMS. I don't know how close you are to Northern KY, but Shooters in Independence KY allow Ar's in there indoor range.

  11. Thanks abock I just did not what the same old thing. I like the way the two tone looks. It would take me about 6hrs to get to that range. I have found an out door range here but it will not open up for about 4 more weeks.

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