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    Been thinking about getting a new 22 for plinking & training. Originally I thought S&W M&P 15/22. ( I have the pistol. )
    Now looking at the Ruger & the Archangel stock kit. I think I can save a bit of $$ going this way. Only thing I don't care for is the barrel length on the Ruger. Sticks out way too far fron the hand guard. Think cutting the barrel to 16" or so would be a problem?
    Also, I have 8 25 rd. mags for the S&W.

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    I have several 10-22's and love the gun. I have one with the Archangel kit on it and it's a solid gun. I put a 18" target barrel on it and I like the balance and feel. If you do any conversions to your gun, if it has an overall length of less than 26 inches or a barrel or barrels of less than 16 inches in length it is then classified as a short barreled rifle and NFA rules appy.

  4. The 10/22 is like the AR of the 22lr world. So many trinkets you can add or options you can buy. You can make one into whatever your pocketbook can stand. I just use the gun as is and don't see any need for change. Accurate enough for my needs out to 100 yards. If I need more than that, I'll go to a 17HMR or centerfire.

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    I bought my wife a MP 15/22. Just shot it last weekend. I love it and so does she. Now, I'm an Infantry guy so these things arent an issue for me, but even her shot groups as a newbie were outstanding. Yes, I bought her a scope. But thats too easy. Learning to use the iron sites first is what makes you sharp. Great gun and I agree with keeping it simple. All that extra stuff is probably wasting money. Ask yourself if you really need it. Have fun.

  6. I bought a 10-22 Ruger many years ago when they were $50, I never liked it's little plastic Mag. Other then that it was a nice rifle for a 22.

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    I like the "Tacti-cool" look of the 15-22 & since I have 8 mags already, I'll stick to the M&P.
    Thanks Guys.

  8. I just bought a Ruger 10/22 and while I enjoy it, I am having a devil of a time seeing the sights: here's why. I wear trifocals and to see the sight, given its distance, I need to look through the center section of my glasses. But when my husband watches me, he says I'm lifting my shoulder way high (I am). I feel that I have to do that in order to see the sight while also having a cheek weld. I assume a scope would help, but as caliyanks said in an earlier reply: "Yes, I bought her a scope. But thats too easy."

    Should I just buy shooting glasses where the center section is higher in the frame or just accept the odd way I have to hold the rifle, or go with a scope? P.S. I haven't had any lessons using a rifle or shotgun and never shot either before getting the 10/22. Anything I know is from reading the NRA's Basic Shotgun book and watching lots of videos on the computer, and TV (which emphasize the cheek weld concept). And reading books and looking at pictures.

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    I wear tri's too. Does make for an interesting time trying to focus on anything.
    I put a RED DOT on my Marlin, problem solved. Whether I'm shooting paper or game,
    I do like to hit what I'm shooting at.

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    I have tri focals and bi focals and still can't see the sights on the 10/22 I need a new scope

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    Nice ideas up there. I went and got a stainless 10/22 awhile back just to have it, you know, just because. ;-)
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