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    Sub 2000 Picatinny Rail

    Does anyone know of a rail for the Sub 2000 that they can recommend or for that matter one that they don't like, that would be valuable also. I know that Keltec puts one out but they seem to produce each one of their products every four or five years. Any advice on where these are available would be appreciated.

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    I found one in a gun shop about a year ago. I paid 25.00 bucks for mine and didn't realize what a deal I had made. This was the rail made by Kel-Tec. Comes with instructions. The only down sides I are the gun will no longer fold in half. The rail is attached to the barrel by clamps. The clamps are made from aluminum and I found myself having to re-tighten the clamps every 50 to 60 rounds. The threads on the clamps eventually stripped out but a friend that worked in a machine shop was able to make me some identical ones out of steel. That cured that problem. I mounted my EOTECH on the top rail and I love it. Don't know if Kel-Tec still makes it but you can still see it on their website here: Kel-Tec CNC - SUB-2000 Accessories - SUB-2000 Aluminum Forend w/ Picatinny Rail I had heard that they were no longer available but that may have changed. Price is listed as 97.53 but you may be able to find one floating around at a better price.

    Aside from the cheap aluminum barrel clamps it is a worthy accessory. Allowing the Sub2K to share all of my AR goodies. I recommend using blue Loctite for the barrel clamps.
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    Factory rail

    Here is the one I have and it works well for small lights or lasers.

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