FN SCAR 16s now added to my rifle group.
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Thread: FN SCAR 16s now added to my rifle group.

  1. Smile FN SCAR 16s now added to my rifle group.

    A guy needing quick cash sold his very seldom fired Blk FN SCAR 16s to my local firearm Dealer. He had just gotten it I asked him to make me a deal, and I bought it for $2000+tax and he threw in a really good new Tac. soft carrying case.

    Took it to the range and it shot great no feeding or any type of problems. Because the International SWAT competition out at the USSHOOTING Academy I could only shoot at a 50yd site.
    But I could see the SCAR was going to get great groups farther out later. I sure won't sell my ARs or AKs but the SCAR is really advanced over my other rifles.

    It is such a simple design strips is seconds into three groups, very solid rifle.

  3. Same here man. I got mine from the Eglin AFB gun store for 2208. It came with 500 rounds. Personally, I find it better than the AR since it's so much lighter.

    Can't wait to get out and compete with this thing.

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    Loving mine! Dropped an Eotech on it....loving it that much more!

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