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    Makes great affordable Muzzle Loaders. TC also makes great Muzzle Loaders, but CVA are allot less Inexspensive,Especially for the begginer.

    I would Reccomend the .50 Caliber in what whatever Manufacturer you choose.I've been using an muzzle Loader for about 6 years.I find them Extremely Accuriate. The .50 Caliber has great knock down power out to 100 yards.

    I've also jave shot Deer out to 150 yards, though at that distance they did not drop, but only went about 50/60 yards.

    I have the Nikon Scope on my Pro Hunter.
    The most Important aspect of Muzzle Loader, is Properly cleaning the weapon after every 3/4 shoots I use 150 grains of Black powder with Aero tip Bullets.

    Good Luck on which ever avenue you choose, but remember Cleaning your Muzzle Loader is the most important thing you can do.

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    I shoot an old 50 cal plains style cap and ball rifle that I picked up at a guns show about 3 years ago (pretty inexpensive). it's an older italian made gun. Shoots great. Killed my first deer with it last year with a patched round ball. I'm going to start a build of a 50 cal Hawkins type rifle, Lyman kit, after the first of the year.

    If you're going the traditional route, I would suggest finding a club or group that has shoots and rendezvous. You'll learn tons about black powder shooting. A friend of mine's father who has built rifles for over 40 years has helped me tremendously on getting the Plains rifle to shoot as well as it does.

    good luck with it. it's a lot of fun.
    ~ Bill

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    Get a flintlock Kentucky around .45 to .50 cal, and you'll drop anything you shoot at.

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