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    Fighting Rifle Sling

    What Kind of sling do you all prefer for a fighting rifle? Single point, two point or three point. I need a sling for my AK and am not sure which works best. I sort of rigged up a single point sling using a shoulder strap from a duffel bag but don't really like how that worked. I assume a real single point would work a whole lot better but not sure if I want to drop $20 to find out.

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    Simple two-point will do pretty much everything you need.
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    I have used two point and single point but have really come to like Norwegian slings...also known as biathlon slings. They are versatile, comfortable, and GI proof

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    Hands down!!! the Vickers Sling
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    if this works for you, Tactical Santa will help you out.


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    What are you looking to do with the sling? Is it just going to be used on the range to let your gun dangle or are you thinking running and gunning tactical?

    I would recommend the 2 point it will control the firearm better and it will not be swaying around in front of you as much. You have to kneel or anything with a single point the barrel ends up in the dirt.

    You can't go wrong with the Vickers Sling as was stated earlier. It is a great piece of equipment you are going to spend more than that $20 though, but that is going to be for basically any decent sling you get.
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    Go with the Ching-sling, named by Jeff Cooper after its inventor Eric Ching.

  8. I feel more comfortable with two point, choose that one you think will fit best on you

  9. Quote Originally Posted by JimEx View Post
    I feel more comfortable with two point, choose that one you think will fit best on you
    Many of the better Engineered and Designed slings will convert from SP to 2P or 3P in a snap of connectors.

    Just watch this video.

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