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    2 most popular options are Mossberg 500 or Remington 870. I bought the Mossberg. I think you can find them cheaper, and they are great shotguns.

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    I've got a an 870 12 and a Mossberg 500 20. My daughter has an 870 20. They are all acceptable for skeet (we are just recreational shooters, not competitive) and last year my daughter took a doe with her 870 20.

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    The mossberg 500 is hard to beat. look at the field/slug combo. It can double as a home defense gun. Lots of aftermarket accessories for mossberg.

  5. Get on the eaa corp page and check out their Turkish shotguns. Within your price range and accepts bernelli chokes.

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    I love Mossbergs but I haven't been able to find a cheaper/better value gun than my Norinco 870 pump clone. I paid $200 for it, never had a problem with it.
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    I have a New England Firearms 870 clone, not bad for what I paid barrel does seem a little thin, one of my friends sweats by his stouger 12 gauge. I use to shoot skeet with my mavrick 88. I took a steel saw to the barrel and cut it to 18.75". I kinda regret selling it, it was lots of fun to play with. So far both my old mavrick and the 870 clone have handled rain, cheap shells, mud, dirt and dust with no failures. The clone did have so many round put through it one day that while reloading I burned my forearm on it...

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    Remington 870 very reliable and nice shooting gun.
    What he said. ...I have an 870 and would trust it with my life. They've been around and reliable for decades. Their renowned reliability along with the vast number of after market goodies available make the 870 an easy (and good) choice.
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    I have a Maverick 88 for my HD gun, picked it up for $199, threw an Elzetta light mount on it wih a streamlight polytac in it on the barrel/mag tube, then added an elastic ammo cuff and called it a day. Total cost was just under $300. Just be aware with the maverick, or mossy, the barrel has to be sized to he mag tube beause of how they attach. If you get the 18.5" model you can order another barrel (maveric or mossy 500) and put it on. The 20" like I have...not so sure. The rem 870 and clones are a little simpler in that regard. Overall I like the maverick, but for me its just an inexpensive HD gun that spends 99% of its time at home. FWIW I also find the 870 is smoother opperating, so for skeet it might be a better choice. Pumps are tough as nails, dont write off buying a used one. I picked up my 870 cheap, and it was used to hunt ducks twice and then sold to me.

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    Finding it real hard not to pull the trigger on the Mav 88, Acadamy has 'em for $157.00. My bro-in-law and father in law keep telling me to go for the Remi 870, they say it handles steel shot well. How does the Mav handle steel shot, any experience out there. It sounds like the Mav wouldn't be the ideal hunting gun anyway. I did find a guy in Dallas that has a used Remi 870 for $150, might lean that direction, but I just love buying brand new stuff. Geez, maybe buy both, I've turned into a freak!!

  11. I recently picked up a mossberg 835 turkey gun for $300 and I have found them cheaper than $200 for migratory birds at local pawn shops. Mossberg is a more durable gun in my opinion.

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