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    There was a Benelli Nova on Armslist this morning for $225, like new. I almost drove the 100 miles to go get it. Had I not just bought a Benelli M2 Tactical, I would have.

    I have a Mossberg 500 setup with the extended magazine I found at the gunshow. You can't beat a mossberg for low cost efficiency. Rem 870's are usually more expensive and only equal in performance.

    I like that new KelTec they just came out with that has the two selectable mag tubes under the barrel. They look killer also!


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    Quote Originally Posted by jrtyson72 View Post
    Finding it real hard not to pull the trigger on the Mav 88, Acadamy has 'em for $157.00. My bro-in-law and father in law keep telling me to go for the Remi 870, they say it handles steel shot well. How does the Mav handle steel shot, any experience out there. It sounds like the Mav wouldn't be the ideal hunting gun anyway. I did find a guy in Dallas that has a used Remi 870 for $150, might lean that direction, but I just love buying brand new stuff. Geez, maybe buy both, I've turned into a freak!!
    The 88 barrels are rated for steel and other shot. They are interchangable with mossy 500 barrels in the proper ga. and mag tube length. I like it for what it is. Barrels: Choke Tubes

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    Well.....heck. Now I'm thinking of bumping up to an all American made Mossy or Remi. I was just looking at the Mossy 835 and I like the fact it can use 2-1/2, 3 and 3-1/2 shells, it's $279.00 @ Acadamy, has mixed reviews on youtube but mostly good ones. This isn't the ultra mag I don't think. I'm going up there in a few weeks and put a Rem 870, Moss 835 & 500 in my hand and see what feels good...like I do with guitars. My main reason for this thread was opinions on durability and overall versitility and you guys have been most helpful in regards to that. I guess if any of you have an opinion on the Moss 835, I'll be more than happy for advice on that one. I'll post back later this month hopefully and let ya'll know what I finally ended up with.

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    First choice is usually the Moss 500 or Rem 870, which are both good guns. But I would add that I first bought a 500 and then upgraded to the 590 due to 8+1 rounds in the 590 instead of 5+1 in the 500. And a couple of other things like a smooth-sided gun with no sidesaddle or stuff hanging off it, and Ghost sights.
    Six rounds of 12ga 00 Buck should do the job, but 9 rounds seemed to be better and only increased the length of the shotgun by a couple of inches. I also got the speed stock that stores 4 more rounds, so have 13 to share.
    So my suggestion is simply a 12ga pump with lots of capacity in any recognized brand.

  6. For home defense

    I wouldn't use 00 buck. It has a tendency to go through anything behind the target. It is recommended to use bird shot so you don't have that issue. Plus there are bb's going down range.

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    Well...my cousin had an 88 she got back from her husband through the divorce. Been sitting in her closet for 2 years. Offered her $100....sold! Going to tske it out to kill some skeet and see how it goes.

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    Benelli Supernova <3
    However it's more than $300 with the upgrades.

    Purchased it from a co-worker for about $300 then added the Nordic Components magazine extension and Mesa Tactical Sure Shell holder + Rail.

    8+1 or 9+1 if you ghost load + another 6 in the Shell Holder.
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    The 870 is the widespread standard of pump shotguns. That would be my recommendation. It's easy to customize and handle.

    Tell 'em CDR Glock sent ya!

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    Picked up a Tristars Tactical pump spring assist 12 gauge railed ghost rings all factory
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    12 gauge Shotgun shopping

    Remington 870 Express, 3" chamber, 18" barrel. Love it!

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