12 gauge Shotgun shopping
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Thread: 12 gauge Shotgun shopping

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    12 gauge Shotgun shopping

    Hey all,

    Any thoughts on shotguns. I'm in the market for a decent but affordable 12 gauge skeet/home defense. I'm sorta on a budget and don't really want to spend more than around $300. I've seen alot of good reviews for the maverick 88, any thoughts? I would love a Remi Versa Max but It's to expensive for me for it will take away from my RRA-LR AR-15 fund. Just looking for something affordable and reliable to keep at home and go kill some clays with my boy.

    Thanks for any advice that may come my way.
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    I have a Mossberg 590 that I think is great! !

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    Remington 870 for me. Easy to swap barrels, tons of aftermarket parts. I got one for $275 this year. A stalwart of a shotgun that won't fail. I have 18" and 28" barrels.

  5. Here is a great option: Mossberg 500 Persuader 18" barrel. For $230 its a steal. The Mossberg 500 is completely made in the USA, but the Mossberg Mavericks contain some parts that are foreign made, thus making them a bit more inferior in quality. That is how they can sell the Mavericks cheaper than the 500s. Here is a link to the best deal I've seen on a 500: 39622 - 12 Gauge Mossberg Special Purpose Persuader/Cruiser Pump Shotgun Black Synthetic Stock Parkerized Finish. Its nice because it has a pistol grip as well as the full stock.

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    Rem 870 or a Mossy 5-series.
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    Mossberg, reliable, easy to use and affordable.

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    Remington 870 very reliable and nice shooting gun.

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    i own a mossberg 500 and love it, never fails. remi 870's are pretty sweet, pretty easy on the $$$ also and tons of after mods.

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    Remington 870! The standard that all other pumps guns have tried to achieve.

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    Mossberg Model 500,or if you can find a used Moosberg Model 835 both are Affordable, and Outstanding Shotgun's

    The Model 835 is Chambered in 3 1/2" Magnum.

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