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    Hello all.

    I inherited a rifle from my dad and I would appreciate any info anyone may be able to offer on it. It is a Savage Arms 300 WSM lever action. I cannot find a model number anywhere on it. It has a steel scope mounted on it and I can't find any markings on that either. It is attached to the rifle with mounts stamped "Weaver Detatchable" and some patent numbers and misc marks. The recticle is a "T" style, horizontal line with a "post" that comes up to the horizontal line.

    I guess I am wondering if it is the same quality as the Savage Arms I am familiar with, if it is a good deer hunting gun, and it's age. From the wood and steel patina I'm guessing is is 1960's era???

    Info on this rifle-dscf2026.jpgInfo on this rifle-dscf2025.jpg


    I forgot to add, I can't find a way to load it, it appears to have some sort of rotary magazine. Do I just shove them in thru the top like I do a fixed magazine bolt action?
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    This page might get you some information. Looks like a Savage Model 99 series.

    Savage 300 Lever Action Rifle - Bing
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    Yes - definitely is a Savage Model 99:

    Savage Model 99 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Interesting - one of the first lever-action rifles able to use Spitzer (pointed) bullets, due to the rotary magazine. Yes, I think you do load it from the top.

    You can find the complete manual here, free:
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  5. Thanks, From what I can find on various sites it appears to be a 99EG model. If so, a little older than I thought 1951ish.

    The lever boss seems to have a circle with what appears under a magnifying glass to be "3E" or maybe "JE"

    Steel shotgun butt
    Pistol Grip fine checkering
    Metal bead in raised ramp front sight
    Delicate Schoble checkered forearm
    Serial No. 6835xx

    Thanks for the link to the manual. I will print it out just for nostaligia.

  6. My fault.... 300 Savage, not 300 WSM. Don't know where I got that from.

    Took the scope off and slid the rings out of the way. Seems it is a Weaver K4 60-b. From what I am able to find on the net, that was a top of the line scope in the 60's.

  7. Thanks for all the replies. Took it to the range today. Some guy there almost had an orgasm when he saw it. It was the one he wished he'd bought decades ago but never did and always regretted it.

    Even for a 60 year old rifle it was doing 3" groups at 100 yards. I was suprised at that if only because it was a 4x scope instead of one with a little more magnification.

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