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    New hd shotgun

    Just got all the stuff mounted on my new Mossy .410. Had to do some filing on the ATI stock to get it to fit, but I'm happy with it.
    130 lumens light & the laser should cover most situations.
    Loaded up with Fed 000 buck ( 6 rds ).
    Shot a few slugs through it at 15'. Nice groupings. My range won't let us shoot shot shells, so I'll have to wait till I get up to my cabin to see
    how it likesAttachment 5487Attachment 5488Attachment 5489 water jugs & such.
    My wife should be very comfy shooting this gun with the lack of real recoil, & I know it will serve her well if she ever needs it.

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    Took the 410 out this weekend. Shot at some #10 cans at about 15'. The 00 buck was very impressive. Made quite a large hole.
    I certainly hope I never have to " USE " it, but I think it will be adequate.
    Was dark enough in the woods to use the laser , fired it from the hip with great results.

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