got a mossberg 500 12GA shotgun
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Thread: got a mossberg 500 12GA shotgun

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    got a mossberg 500 12GA shotgun

    got the shotgun i've always wanted.. i'm a happy camper the pump has camo on it don't bother me none
    The only bad gun, is a empty one.

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    Congratulations Booth! You must like Bones very much that you have to get a Mossberg. I have one and couldn't be happier but not in camo... Hope you get good use of it for a long time. It is something not to be sneered at.
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    G'day and Glock

  4. I love my 590A1 - just sold the 500 to my Mom's - that was weird

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    thanks guys.. i'll take a pic of it soon
    The only bad gun, is a empty one.

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    I have three and love them. Enjoy!

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    I have the Mossberg 500 "Blackwater". Love it. One day I may get a tactical stock for variety, but the pistol grip is cool, too.

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    I've had 1 for years. Love it.

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    congrats had mossberg pump for 15 years never had a problem with it. used it in skeet shooting and hunting. i giggle when i see the blackwater series because when i was in highschool i went down there for a high school shooting team competetion and then it was a log cabin type building and about 25 lanes of range. had a 5 mile dirt path to get to it. now it grown so much you cant go past where the dirt path started without going thru a gate. it is unreal now.
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    Got one myself too. Great choice!

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    I have a remi 870 12-ga and a moss 500 20-ga. I'm happy with both of them.

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