New look for my M4
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Thread: New look for my M4

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    New look for my M4

    Just had to show off the new look for my M4.

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    Very nice. I'm a sucker for camo.
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    Smile Me too,

    Quote Originally Posted by Cooter View Post
    Very nice. I'm a sucker for camo.

    I am too. I have a few other pieces as well.

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    Dont lose it in the grass.I might not be able to find it in my safe.

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    I dig the multicam. We could use you in the AR15 owners group. Go to "User CP" click on "AR15 owners"
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    Thanks everyone

  8. Thumbs up Very Cool

    Now that is one nice look firearm. They all look very nice. Did you do that yourself? if so you did a nice job.
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    Thanks and yes I did all of them.
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