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Thread: Best shotgun defense ammo?

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    00 buck shot works wonders.

  3. I think box of truth has done alot on this also.

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    I keep 00 buck in the 12ga. and #3 buck in the 20ga.
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    Quote Originally Posted by toreskha View Post
    Since slugs have so much size to work with, it shouldn't be too hard to make HPs. Make the right cuts and it wouldn't go flying through the wall; all of the force would be transmitted to the target.
    Be alot easier to just buy hollow point shotgun ammo. Ammunition To Go has Federal HydroShock Shotgun Ammo. In fact they have huge range of self defense, specialty and exotic shot gun ammo. Including Low Recoil , Hollow Points, Double Slug, Dual Buckshot & Slug, Flame Thrower, Armor Piercing, Flash Bang , Flechette Ammo, Tear Gas, Less Than Lethal. Some of it obviously completely over the top would never shoot it in my house ammo though interesting and fun to shoot.
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