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    20 ga.

    I sold an old NEF 410 some time ago, & recently come to regret it.
    Put some feelers out & found one to replace it.
    It's a Winchester model 840 (made in Canada) in 20 ga.
    Re-finished the stock, but overall the gun looks like it was well cared for.
    One owner, said he purchased it in 1978.
    Haven't shot it yet, but it locks up tight & the bore looks clean.
    Nice gun for $100.

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    20 ga.

    Nice find for $100. Reminds me of the 70s winchester .22 repeater I bought off my brother for $30 cause it had a broken firing pin lol. $20 fix and a little cleaning and it was good as new.

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    20 ga.

    Those single barrel shotguns are a ton of fun. Friend had one that we shot clays with and we had more fun with that than with my pump mossberg 500.
    Guns.??? What Guns???

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    Took it to the range this morning. It shoots very well.
    Extractor worked & I am real happy with it. Wish it had a modified choke so I
    could shoot slugs, but otherwise it's everything I expected from a 35 year old gun.

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    My first firearm was a NEF, single shot, break open 20ga... I loved that thing! I think it's somewhere at my Father's house... maybe. Anyway, I used that for the first two years I went dove hunting in NC... the barrel was short and I wasn't a very good shot, lol. I moved up to a Mossberg 500 20ga after that and started to have more success. I liked the old time feel of the NEF break open though, it was a blast to shoot and was a perfect snake gun for around the old creek.

    Pretty good purchase missoak, well done!
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    I thank you, sir !

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