Lusting after a Mossberg 590A1
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Thread: Lusting after a Mossberg 590A1

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    Lusting after a Mossberg 590A1

    So I'm addicted to buying firearms...not so much carrying them or shooting them (though I enjoy both) the shopping addiction - collecting part is out of control with me. At least a dozen purchases in the last two years. I do love it so!

    Was out on the Navajo reservation last week and bought a Colt Commander 1911 from a small shop there. In the process of shopping the owner showed me the Mossberg 590A1...think it was $599 with less sales tax on the rez. Had a ghost site, 9 rounds, speed load stock. My first response handling it was "This is HUGE...I don't need one of these." And that's an accurate assessment. I live in a 4 plex apartment and already have a Taurus Public Defender with five .410 nasty rounds for home defense. The shotgun is unwieldy for apartment defense. I don't need it. But dang...I sure do "want" it....bad....real bad. I'm 68 years olde....don't hunt...don't skeet...but it sure feels nice when I think about having the shotgun "handy." just in case. Or else its that addiction to buying guns. Already have a very old 16 gauge single shot Iver Johnson...

    I know I'm probably gonna buy it next time I'm out that way again...and I know I'm gonna bring it home and look at it and say, "Why'd I do that?" and feel some guilt and shame about not being able to "not buy" a gun I like. But I trust it'll be a comfort sitting somewhere handy in my bedroom - just in case. I may be an olde guy but I don't think it matters who's holding a shotgun on you - it commands instant respect.

    Everything I've read about it says it works great - no problems.

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    My wife and I probably have guns we don't "need", but I'd say there's a slim chance that you'll lose much, if any money should you decide to sell someday.

  4. I love your honesty. I have the same problem, don't drink, don't smoke and I like guns. No wait,I love guns. I think its an addiction for sure, but the way I see it, you only live once so you might as well do what makes you happy as long as it's legal of course.

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    I figure as long as your not spending the rent money, go for it.
    For me all I need is a 9mm auto, a 22 rifle, & a pump shotgun.
    So why do I have 2 gun safes full & I still want more? If you can
    afford it, it is an addiction for sure.
    I love being an addict!

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    Lusting after a Mossberg 590A1 true. Mom bought me my first rifle at about 15. The guy at the little gun shop that day warned her, the buying would never end now. I promised, I only wanted that one. By age 19, I had 14 rifles, shotguns, and handguns sitting in a safe at home. One of the perks of working two full time jobs, while still living with your parents with no bills, was that I could buy a new gun with almost every paycheck if I wanted. Now...I'm lucky to get a new toy every couple years if that.

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    Well, the addiction won today. Had a day off and I drove 160 miles round trip out onto the rez to buy it.

    Ran 25 rounds of bird shot through it out at the local range today. Worked perfect. Most surprised by the lack of recoil...was worried I'd get bruised up on my shoulder but nary a mark. I am most pleased with this new purchase.

    Have had an old single shot Ivar Johnson 16 guage since the 60s. Found it feels really good to have 9 +4 handy instead of just one. Also pleased with how easy it is to operate and how comfy it feels to handle, shoot, and have at hand.

  8. Wow, congrats on getting a new shotgun, I look at one of those and came close on getting one but I didn't want to pay the money. I did get me that Remington Tactical Express which wasn't too much less but I'm happy. It look nice, the range I go to you can only shoot slug but I'm alright with that. I like that knife, it look like one of those Army knife that we had to put on the end of ours M-16

  9. Lusting after a Mossberg 590A1-shotgun-pics-035.jpg
    This is pics of my Remington and I added a +1 extension later.
    Lusting after a Mossberg 590A1-shotgun-extension-021.jpgLusting after a Mossberg 590A1-shotgun-extension-020.jpg

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    Aye, that is the bayonet that fits the end of the shotgun/trench gun....think its the old M8 bayonet that's been around forever. The M designation on M590A1 means military specs...the double thick barrel, 9 round capacity and maybe the heat shield...

  11. Congrats on the new addition. Just don't take Biden's advice and fire it through the door to keep people away

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