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  1. Does look like an eotec on it.And could I suggest a color fire engine red then it will be the evil red gun.The devil made me do it.

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    That's great kwo51. Unfortunatly I already have the colors bought. They are just waiting for me to get off my tush.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FBMG Smithy View Post
    I'll make sure to pics when the camo's finished. I have to admit, Memphis, I have to do the Homer Simpson gurgle every time I see it too.
    I too would be doing the gurgle if I had the honor of looking at (and occasionally shooting) that gun.
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    It shoots so well, too.

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    Nice rifle! looks great and can not wait to see it when you get the duracoat finished.
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    Very nice rifle.....i have been contemplating a M4 for myself.

    Good job!

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    Thanks much.

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