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Thread: What Kind Of AR Do You Have? Any Mods? Post Pics!

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    My AR

    I don't have a photo of my Bushmaster AR, but will be taking some soon. I also have an AR pistol. I built it on a Double Star lower and a Model 1 Sales upper set. It looks discolored, that's just because I had just made it and hadn't rubbed any oil onto the upper (they come very dry). Now the upper and lower look exactly the same.

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    My Stag. Hopefully I can replace the silver red dot with a proper evil black one soon.

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    Updated Pictures.

    Bushmaster Patrolman M4
    UTG Quad Rail System
    Condor Tactical Light
    CAA Pivoting Bipod Grip
    Badger Ordnance Tactical Latch
    Stock Butt Pad
    Homemade Sling
    30 Round MagLevel PMAG

    Memberships: NRA, GOA, USCCA
    Guns: Glock 26, Ruger LCP, Beretta 90-Two .40, Beretta PX4 Storm Subcompact 9MM, Beretta Tomcat, Bushmaster Patrolman M4

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    I picked up my S&W M&P15R today and now I understand, I'm one of you now.

    I've caught the black rifle disease as coined on ar15.com. Damn you all!
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    Rock River with quad rail, surefire and Aim Point

    2 Oly 22lr upper on a DPMS lower

    3 Rock River with hlf quad rail and m2 sights
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    1. Rock River Entry Tactical with 2 stage trigger, Troy aluminum quad rail, Harris bipod, ambi-safety switch, Larue Tactical SPR 1.5 scope mount and Millet DMS1, 1-4 power scope.

    2. Anvil Arms lower with 2 stage trigger, Tactical Solutions .22lr upper, Larue Tactical scope mount and Millet Zoom Dot scope.

    3. (On order) AR Performance 6.8 SPC Xtreme with Diamond mid length rail, optional YHM flip sight and A2 flash hider.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KimberRB View Post
    Here is a Pic of mine this one I put together one part at a time till I had it done. Just under $900.00 as you see it here.

    What are the optics you have on here?
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  10. AR-100 which is essentially a semi-auto copy of the Korean Army's standard issue K2 rifle. Colt-like bolt group with an AK-like long stroke piston. If the '84 ban hadn't come into effect this would probably have been a good contender for a piston driven AR; back before pistons were cool.

    S&W M&P 15T, quad rails and Troy Mfg BUIS. It has a 1/9 twist barrel but I don't see that as being a problem.

    DPMS -15.. basic knockabout trunk gun. Not worried about anything that happens to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danno View Post
    What are the optics you have on here?
    If I remember correctly its a BSA red dot but I'm sure KimberRB will be by shortly to correct me if I'm wrong. He's had it on there for sometime now and has held up well.
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