What Kind Of AK Do You Have? Any Mods? Post Pics!
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Thread: What Kind Of AK Do You Have? Any Mods? Post Pics!

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    What Kind Of AK Do You Have? Any Mods? Post Pics!

    Ok, I don't personally own an AK but my dad does. I'd like to get one eventually. Here's a pic of me shooting my dad's Century International Arms AK.

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  3. My AK

    Hi all just joined the AK47 group. Here is a picture of my AK47 Romarm 7.62x39. I just put a scope on it and I love the way it shoots. Just an all round fun gun to take to the range.

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    looking nice

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    I guess I should have posted here first:) here is my romanian AK-47 in the desert of Utah. such fun memories!
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  6. Arsenal SLR-95... milled receiver, no bayonet lug or cleaning rod. Has an Ultimak and a red dot sight on it as well as a 922(r) compliance kit.

    Norinco MAK-90 ... 922(r) again, no bayonet lug, UTG rails and another red dot sight.

    The SLR is, of course, a little heavier, but dammmmm it's a solid chunk of metal. The MAK could use a nice parkerizing or perhaps a coat of moly- paint.

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    Looks like Kimber has the WASR 10 and Scarwcrow has the SAR 1. Both Romanian Kalashnikov's... I have a WASR 10.. The WASR 10 doesn't have the dimples stamped into the magazine well. These dimples keep the mag from wobbling...

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    Here's mine. Romanian AK in 7.62x39. Had black synthetic stock set but I added the Russian Red wood set.

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    I guess I've got some:
    Mak90 converted to underfolder 7.62

    WASR2 5.45

    Tantal 5.45

    Saiga .308 with FAL
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    If I were more computer savvy I would post a picture but as it is I will just have to tell you that I have a Romanian AK47 "pistol".
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    Here's mine... Romanian Kalashnikov;

    Yes, that is a 40rnd. magazine

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