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  1. Rear sight and other suggestions

    I just bought my first AR-15 and while its very nice it has the A3 removable carry handle on it. I was wondering what flip up rear sights anyone might suggest as well as what to stay away from. I would also love to put a quad rail on it and was also wondering as to what companies I should try to go for and also stay away from. The AR is a Stag Arms Model 1. While I'm making a new post on this I was wondering what if any other things would be a good investment in putting on my rifle. I know there are a ton of options that can be put on and changed on these and in all honesty I'm not sure of what all I should or should not do.
    I do plan on going for an Eotech sight which is why I would like the flip up/down rear sight option

  3. On all of mine, I use the magpul flip up sights as a backup on mine, primary optics are bsa.

    As for quad, midwest industries is what I use.

    Also have the sig front handle with flashlight and laser, and of course a sling.

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    Rear sight and other suggestions

    +1 on the EOtech. Love their sights. I have a Troy industries quad rail and it works great. Extremely solid. As far as the accessories, it's really personal preference and depends on what you're going to do with it. If using for HD I'd definitely put a light on it. All I put on my HD rifle was an optic, foregrip, light, and better trigger. I don't really use BUIS so I don't have a lot of recommendations for those.

  5. Thank you both for your in put on this, I'm completely new to the AR platform.

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    If you wanted a quadrail on your Stag 15, why didn't you just get a Model 2T ( ) instead of the Model 1?

    The Model 2T comes with a Samson Star-C free floating handguard with 4 picatinny rails & A.R.M.S. 40L low profile flip up
    rear sight. The Model 2T list for only $180.00 more. To retrofit the Model 1 you will end up paying way more.

    I myself have a Stag Model 1 and love it. I set mine up with all the rail space I'll ever need for way less. I believe in "Less is Best" and running her set-up "mission specific". My advice: Don't be tempted by the modular versatility. The more crap you screw on the heavier & unwieldy she gets...not to mention all the tactical pros & cons of the stuff you mount.

    I replaced the stock pistol-grip with a Magpul overmolded rubber grip and added a Magpul B.A.D. Lever (Battery Assist Device). Then, ditched my carry handle (it's handy to reattach if needed) to mount an EOTech 512 on a quick release base with a generic dual aperture fold-down A2 BUIS so I could co-witness if need be ($25 from CTD ). I can swap the EOTech out with a 3-9x42 rangefinder reticled scope (engineered for the 5.56/.223 round) as needed (BUIS folded down), which also has a quick release lever (so I never have to worry about re-zeroing). I slapped on a simple carbine length rail on the bottom of the plastic M4 hand-guard (Set of two 5.9" 14 slot aluminum handguard rails for Mil-Spec AR-15, M16 or M4's from CTD for under $10 ), then mounted a Magpul AFG2 (Angled Fore-Grip). On top of the handquard I attached a short Mako double 45 rail for quick-release attachment point for a light/laser, Swiss army knife, kryptonite detector...whatever. (CAA now makes a Double Rail 2.5" Mount System 45 to fit standard handguards for about $10 that will also work Finished it off with a Blackhawk Universal Swift 3-point sling (I have a better DIY design, with a quick release, that I'm stitching up...have a beta version on a Zastava M70 AB2).

    Here's a couple crappy pics...I shoved in an empty 20 rd Colt STANAG (NATO) mag for ***** & giggles. I have plenty of 30 & 20 rounders in bandoleers/pouches but prefer the 20's & 10's for everyday truck/field carry.


    IMHO, if you insist on doing the quad-rail thingy, get it right from the bucks & do it worries, they stand by the goods they sell.

    Samson Drop-In Quad Rail System


    Diamondhead’s 7" V-RS modular drop-in handguard platform


    Samson Free Float Quad Rail System (requires gunsmithing)

    Hope this helps you & you don't end up throwing away your hard earned money unnecessarily.

    Rear sight and other suggestions-stag-15-model-1-20130711_19.jpg

    Rear sight and other suggestions-stag-15-model-1-20130711_12.jpg

    Rear sight and other suggestions-stag-15-model-1-20130711_09.jpg

    Rear sight and other suggestions-stag-15-model-1-20130711_08.jpg

    Rear sight and other suggestions-stag-15-model-1-20130720_13.jpg

    Rear sight and other suggestions-stag-15-model-1-20130720_07.jpg

    Rear sight and other suggestions-stag-15-model-1-20130720_10.jpg
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  7. Thank you very much for the pictures, the links and the personal suggestions. That all is a lot of great information

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