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  1. Mini 30 Ammo choices

    I found a brand new Mini 30 at my LGS and couldn't pass it up. I am planning on picking it up this weekend and heading to the range to try it out. I am super pumped! HOWEVER, in doing my research on the gun, I find that some folks have issues with the "el cheapo" Ruskie ammo. But most of the posts that I've seen detailing the problem are several years old. Are there any NEW Mini 30 owners out there that could give me an idea of what this little beauty can digest? The LGS has a truckload of Tula in stock and that's, most likely where I'd start... On a simpler note, what do you think of the Mini 30? Is it as much fun to shoot as it looks on Youtube? Thanks for any assistance you can offer.

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  3. OK, I'll reply to my own thread.... ;)
    I picked up the "Thunder Stick" right on time. And to answer my questions, no problems with the cheap Russian ammo.
    I have a couple hundred rounds of Tulammo through it with only a couple of failure to feeds which I am chalking up to the new mags not being broken in completely.
    As to my second question, the answer is a resounding HELLS YEAH it's a riot to shoot!
    This is my first big bore rifle and I am loving it to death. While I know it'll never go sub-moa or shoot 1000 yards, It is way too much fun to blow up milk jugs from 75 yards out. I still have a bit of work to do zeroing in the iron sights ( I'll probably throw a mid range scope on it eventually) but even so, it is more fun than I thought it would be. Would I recommend getting one to a friend? Indeed I would. For plinking, home defense or the inevitable zombie apocalypse, you could do a lot worse than this little gem.

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    Your post is WORTHLESS without pics! Show us the gun porn.
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