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  1. .32 ACP rifle?

    Howdy All.
    I have a bit of a dilemma. I recently ordered and received several boxes of .32 ACCP ammo for a little Mauser 1914 pistol. I either didn't see or it wasn't in the ad but it is all +P ammo. I do not think that I should be feeding this little girl these high pressure rounds. The gun was very well built and it looks like it spent it's life in a night stand.
    I paid way too much for the ammo at that time. I will probably take a beating if I resell it.
    So I have been looking with little to no luck for a rifle that eat these rounds. Obviously I do not mind old guns as long as they were well built originally and are still in good serviceable condition. And they too would have to be able to shoot the +P ammo. Any Ideas?
    I would probably be way ahead to just sell the rounds at a loss or throw them away as opposed to buying another gun. But I do have room in my safe for another member.
    Am I right in assuming that the rifle would have to be a simi-auto to eat these rounds?
    Thanks all

  3. single or double shot would eat em just fine. i dont really know of any rifles though. if you have a mosin or enfield then you can buy a cartridge adapter and fire em from that. also a 32acp cylinder for a nagant revolver is a possibility.

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