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    Looks like the ammo crunch is winding down finally. Cabela's has a s-ton on the shelves at the moment.....and $9 boxes of Federals too.

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    Opinions? You should have gotten an AK...

    Kidding, nice purchase! How's it working out?
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    The Windham Shoots great $.50 groups @ 50 yds. Love the 2 stage trigger!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunnerbob View Post
    Opinions? You should have gotten an AK...

    Kidding, nice purchase! How's it working out?
    Who would have guessed...gunner suggested an It's because AR's black isn't it...racist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warrior1256 View Post
    I bought my first AR, a Del-Ton Sierra 316 MOE 5.56. Any opinions?
    Congratulations!!! I don't know much about the Del-Ton's, but I also added two AR's to the gun locker in Feb & March of this year. I should have waited a few months more for the madness & chaos to die down after Sandy Hook!! I was worried about new assault type weapons to be banned!! I was not happy at all about the price gouging by the only local gun shop in San Francisco, CA. I am always amazed at the engineering simplicity of this platform!!

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    looking for my first as well and i think i'm going with the Rock River Arms R3 comp rifle with the A2 stock just haven't made up my mind yet
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