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    Winchester 30/30 Questions

    Put the Winchester 30/30 Mod. 94 on layaway today. Asking price was 385.99, talked him down to 325, I felt it was a pretty good deal, weapon was very clean compared to others, all of the wood was still in very good condition, and it was a name brand Winchester Repeating Arms Co rifle. Found out it was a 1972, not a bad year, but then again, wasnt a pre 64 like I had hoped. Anyway, I have 90 days to pay it off and pick it up, not a bad deal though.
    Wasnt much of a point to this thread other than do you think [and I know its late] that a 325.00 was a bad deal? Only reason I didnt get it for 260 was due to layaway, didnt have the cash to outright buy it, purpose of going to the pawn shop wasnt even to get a weapon, but had to get it anyway. Lol.

    Thanks in advance.
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    $325.00 was a great deal. I have 2 Marlin 30 30's...I just like the feel and look of the traditional rifle. I also have AR's so I do not discriminate. Every once in awhile I get lonesome for tradition! You must take care though as the old lever guns are addicting. They look great on the wall and feel good in the hands.

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    Get us pics as soon as you can!
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    Sold one a couple of yrs ago, got $500.00 for it.
    The guy really wanted a lever action, and this one was in mint condition.
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    That's not a bad price at all. Those 94's are great rifles.

  7. My Great grandfather bought me a 94 when he found out my mom was pregnant - got it for my 16th birthday. I love that rifle and it gets a lot of attention whenever I take it to the range. My wife calls it the "Lucas McCain rifle".

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