Single or Double???
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Thread: Single or Double???

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    Single or Double???

    Own a DPMS Sportical .223/5.56
    Love the gun shoots straight and true.
    Looking to attach a sling to it an I am looking for opinions on whether to go single or double point attach!?!?! Also does not have a picatinny on the front, just the stock hand guard. So ideas for swivel attachments would also help if I decide to go with double.
    All input is welcome....Thanx in advance!!!!

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    My two cents. First, what is your intended purpose? That will determine single or double. There are several good slings that go from single to double. You pay a little more for them. I know guys that like that option. I run a Blue Force Gear - Vickers Combat and love it. The big disadvantage of a single point is if you move round much the gun will hit your leg and if you run you'll keep one hand on the gun, it is also less stable for shooting. Magpul and other companies make bolt on rails and sling points for the front. Couple of links. SLINGS & SLING MOUNTS , Weapon Slings

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    For a carbine that will see a lot of "combat" use, CQB drills and the like... I prefer a single point. If the weapon will be sitting there looking pretty or not in use on your person (think: slung), don't do a single...
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    Another Company that has good slings is Original S.O.E. Gear. They have bungee and traditional slings. Original S.O.E. Gear

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    Single or Double???

    I use a blackhawk single and love it. Just be aware that single aren't really designed for trail carry. The rifle will swing around and hit your leg or, depending on how tall you are (I'm only 5'6"), sometimes put the muzzle in the dirt if you bend over. Singles points are more designed for patrols where you're carrying the rifle most of the time, and are really only there to catch the rifle if you have to throw it, to transition to a sidearm or something.

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