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    870 Sabots?

    Has anyone found a particular brand/weight/type of sabot which seems to fire accurately from a Remmington 870 with a rifled barrel?

    I've spent far too much $ trying to find a managable load, that will shoot constistantly to 100 yds. So far I've settled on Ligthfields, but the best I can hope for is a 9" group at 100 yds. Not acceptable to me. I sure would like to be able to hold a 3" group or less. May end up using the blackpowder all season.

    You can let me know if you think I'm asking to much from a 12 ga slug.
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    my.02 worth

    i would say you are expecting too much. you cannot expect to fire a shotgun round like you do a rifle. when i was in the guard and the police academy, we fired with sabots no further than 30 yards. if i need to go out to 100 yds, go with a rifle. whether it's for hunting or self defense, shotguns are great for close in stuff 30yds or less.

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    When I was in AK...

    We used Brennke Black Magic sabots for bear repellant. They seemed decent enogh but a bit spendy.

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    I agree. Even with slugs, the effective range on any shotgun is probably 50 yards (with slugs), even less with shot.

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    I disagree. My mossberg 835 UltiMag in 12ga, with the fully rifled barrel will shoot extremely well out past 100 yards.

    I am able to break (not necessarily a center hit) a clay pigeon form the 100 yards every time I pull the trigger. The clay pigeon is standing on its edge, not flying in the air.

    I found this accuracy not with any of the sabot slugs available ~3yrs ago, but with the Brenneke Foster-style slugs. There are a couple of new hi-performance sabots on the maret now that may warrent another look, but I have been pleased with that platform for whitetail deer.

    I will be honest. I am not going to look for newer or better ammunition for that shotgun this year. I don't even plan to take it out in the field. This year I am taking an Encore pistol in 7mm-08. Should be another great game-getter.

    I would suggest that you give some of the foster slugs a chance as well. While they supposedly not have the expansion that the sabots deliver, 1 1/8 oz of lead does a fantastic job in deer on its own. If you find nothing that shoots through your gun, you can try foster slugs down a smooth cylinder bore, or try a buddies rifled barrel on your gun. You could (not likely) just have a bum tube.


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    Well as far as accurate range is concerned, I have to disagree. I know of many shotguns fully capable of 100 yd groups of 3" or less.

    In case anyone wants to know where it stands, I'm considering buying a Hastings barrel for it or just buying an H&R Ultra Slugger. Speaking with several people who have them, either option should work. This years deer season will see the 870 in action if the area is only going to present shots of 50 yds or less. I'll sort it all out by next season
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