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Thread: Information On Buying A Hunting/Self Defense Rifle

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    Quote Originally Posted by wuzfuz View Post
    This is just like the story I read about buying hammers. A guy was hired by a contractor to work building house, and was told to go to a hardware store with a voucher and buy tools. He told the clerk he had gotten a job as a carpenter and needed a good hammer. The clerk brought a whole box of hammers and dumped the on the counter and told the new man to take his pick. The newbie insisted he just needed a good hammer to be a carpenter. The clerk told him you can go from a tack hammer, used to drive tacks and finishing nails, through finish hammers, framing hammers, and even sledge hammers, then explained no one hammer will do all jobs well. In the same vein, no one rifle will do all jobs equally well. What do you intend to hunt? You can hunt rabbits and squirrels with a .22, but a .22 won't hardly touch a deer or elk, and if you get caught trying to take a large animal with a .22 I think the game warden has something to say about that. Now, i saw what I would consider a good defense gun, which would also be capable of takiinga wide variety of game. It would be considered a carbine, I guess, because it is just a shade over three feet lontg, which would make it a great home defense gun. It fires the .40 S&W round, which is good for home defense, and capable of taking most small game I believe it runs just under $300, so it is easy on the wallet. Pick a hammer, or hammers, to do the jobs you need to do, Not many can do a whole lot, but a few can do more than one job.

    Don't under estimate the .22LR. I've taken many wild boar as well as Axis deer with that caliber. If it's on private land here in PRHI, it's perfectly legal. I actually had a conservation enforcement officer, his family and a few of the local police officers hunting with me. It was a fun day, and a very productive one.

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  3. I have a .357 M94 Trapper on my UTV all the time. It's a good little gun-of-all-work as long as you don't ask too much of it. Deer at 100Y (or more) is pushing the envelope IMO. If someone has actually done it, I would listen to them. Otherwise, I don't consider a .357 carbine a 100Y deer gun. I've killed deer with it at closer ranges when something else wasn't available, but I consider it marginal.

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    A good all purpose personal defense/hunting rifle;

    I like the Bushmaster A3 6.8mm SPC Carbine

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