My wife bought some new pots and pans, I asked her to save the old ones for me. The large frying pan I painted white, drilled three holes for hanging on my stand. I affixed the top at 12, the bottoms at 4 and 8 as would be on a clock face. I placed a small day-glow orange patch on the center. This was a great target. I brought it up to MY pistol distance and found the .45 acp and the .40 S/W were too much for the bailing wire to handle. The rifle I used was an Armalite AR-15 the rounds 55 gr. FMJ. I used some of my older ammo. The 5.56 rounds made nice little holes right thru the pans, the pistol rounds were too much. A good time was had by all. I am always looking for new cheap ideas for good targets other than paper.