This might be of interest to those valuing quality AKs. From Palmetto State Armory Buys DDI Inc. Maker of AK47ís:

In a shocking turn events that not many people in the gun industry saw coming Palmetto State Armory, has purchased Knoxville, Tennessee based Destructive Device Industries. Palmetto State Armory isnít new to firearms industry but until recently PSA was known for selling quality made AR-15 upper receivers and moved into the AK-47 market with their own branded rifles in early 2016 with a great deal of success. The PSA AK47 has been largely sold out for months as consumers scrambled to snag up as many of the rifles as they could get their hands on. At $699.99 the American built PSA AK-47 even successfully passed the famed AK Operators Union 5,000 round torture test with flying colors, and after 5,000 rounds still had below 2 MOA groups (see video below).

The interesting thing about this particular purchase of DDI by Palmetto State Armory was the fact that recently DDIís very own AK47ís had been the subject of many complaints and scorn by their owners as rifle after rifle suffered bolt failures at very low round counts. It would appear on the surface that the companies were heading opposite directions before this deal was brokered. When prominent AK47 guru and torture tester ďRobSkiĒ from Ak Operators Union reached out to DDI CEO David Fillers he would only confirm that the company was moving out of their home base of Knoxville, Tennessee. Palmetto State Armory on the other hand only confirmed they had purchased DDI and that the two companies would work closely in the future.

There is plenty of rumors and speculation as to the eventual fate of DDI, but as to the state of the company at this moment all that is certain is that they are relocating for the near future. The other confirmed fact at this time is that the company will continue to make AK47 rifles branded with the DDI logo. This whole situation is still very fluid and subject to change at a moments notice, its so fast moving that we arenít even able to confirm the ballpark price that Palmetto State Armory paid for DDI. Keep checking back as we work to shore up the details of the deal, and if we donít hear anything before SHOT Show 2017, I will be sure to go up to the highest ranking member of Palmetto State Armory at the show and try to get to the bottom of things.