H&K made HK416/417 clones for US civilian market
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Thread: H&K made HK416/417 clones for US civilian market

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    H&K made HK416/417 clones for US civilian market

    It's offical.

    According to the H&K USA website.

    H&K will be producing the MR556 (HK-416) and MR762 (HK-417) for the US civilian market.

    The rifles will be produced at H&K's new manufacturing facility in Newington, New Hampshire.

    Release date is late Q4 2009. Unknown MSRP for either rifles.

    Note: The MR556 will not be compatible with standard AR lower/upper recievers.
    Quote Originally Posted by H&K USA
    To conform to German export regulations, certain design changes made in the MR556 prevents the rifle's upper receiver from being used on other AR-style firearms.
    H&K MR556

    H&K MR762

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    Talking I think i'm in the market for a new toy

    These look like the new toy I need to round out my collection!

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    Why did H&K have to wait until the week before Obama takes office to release these in the U.S.? Don't they know that this is one of those scary-looking "black rifles" that antis, Obama included, want banned? And, if he and the Democratic-controlled Congress have their way, its life here in the U.S. will be a very short one indeed.
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    It is HK. It is bound to be good. I want one.
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    4th Quarter 2009!!! Our chances of being able to score one of these awesome rifles are very slim.

    If, for some unknown reason, the assault weapon ban hasn't been renewed by then, I'll be buying one.
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    That 7.62 has my name written on it. I have a sneaking suspicion that I won't be able to afford it.

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