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    Scope Tool for Android (Free)

    -Takes data such as your distance from target ,your scope's MOA adjuster, where your shot placement is and tells you how you should adjust your scope to zero.

    -Works for 1/8"MOA, 1/4"MOA, 1/2"MOA and 1"MOA scopes

    -Shoot to zero from 25, 50 or 100 yards

    -Adjustments displayed in clicks for your specific MOA adjuster range.

    The features of this app are also available in Handgun Coach Pro and Handgun Coach Lite along with other fun and useful features!

    Handgun Coach Pro $1

    Handgun Coach Lite free

    Enjoy! Any and all feedback is as always, more than welcome! Big thanks to the community for the support and suggestions thus far.

    On a side note I'd like to announce here as well that I plan to donate all sale profits for Handgun Coach Pro for the month of February to Wounded Warrior Homes (an organization that helps homeless Veterans with shelter and housing needs). As a Vet who's faced homelessness a few times in recent years, this issue is very near and dear to me. There are many Veterans out there who don't have family and friends to lean on in the hard times or find shelter from the cold and their numbers are alarmingly high with even one being too many. Even if you're not interested in the app I urge you to give what you can to organizations like these because the services they provide are more than deserved for someone who voluntarily put their life on the line to ensure your rights, liberties and freedoms are never downtrodden. Thank you and God bless America!

  3. Updated all these apps to include support for several AR style peep sights as well as a few more scopes. Also changed the scope click calculator to allow the user to enter their own actual distance to get MOA calculations for more than just the preset distances.

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