Building an AK style rifle
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Thread: Building an AK style rifle

  1. Building an AK style rifle

    I've heard people talk about building their own rifle. Where would one find the various parts to build a rifle. I'm looking for a decent rifle and building seems like an interesting way to go. Thanks.

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    Did you mean an AR style? You can build any kind of AR you can imagine... IF you can find receivers since the craziness started. Try Gunbroker or GunsAmerica.

    I have seen some AK parts kits (krinkov) but no AK receivers to start on.

    Am I wrong? Aren't there some import restrictions on AK receivers? Are there any american made AK receivers?

  4. Yes, AR15 style if parts are more plentiful. AK came to mind just because the last rifle I had was an AK47.

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    Building an AK would require a receiver made in the US or imported prior to (at least) July, 2005.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jes View Post
    ...I have seen some AK parts kits (krinkov) but no AK receivers to start on...

    NodakSpud makes receivers in numerous versions for AKs. They also have 10/22 and AR receivers. Many of the AKs sold in this country are assembled on their receivers.
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