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    i have a bushmaster m-4a2 with a carry handle as it's what i carried in the army and am used to,it gives the ability to still use the iron sites and using the scope is not a problem. its the way the army mounted on the a-2's!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lukem View Post
    I have mine on top of my detachable handle. I like having the option of still using my iron sights if needed.

    That's why you use a picitinny mounted rear back up iron sight like Troy or MI.

    The carry handle method is in my opinon an old and poor solution to mounting optics on your AR platform.

    Remember, your boreline is already 2.5" from the height of the front and rear sights. How much more hold off do you want ? If your optic is mounted on the carry handle then your hold off is about 6" from the boreline in close quarters shooting, no matter how proficiently you zero the optic at 50-100 meters.

    Use a decent quality mounting system like Larue Tactical mounts or A.R.M.S throw lever mounts that are repeatable zero when taken off and reinstalled back onto the flat top reciever. American Defense Manufacturing also makes quality mounts for both AP red dots and variable long range scopes. Also look at Bobro engineering mounts.

    LaRue Tactical

    What kind of optic ?? Red dot, HWS or variable power scope ??
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