What is the farthest you've ever shot?
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Thread: What is the farthest you've ever shot?

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    Exclamation What is the farthest you've ever shot?

    What is the farthest you've ever shot and hit the intended target?

    For me:
    1,000 yards in June of 2005 for competition 171/200 2x (Savage 10FP)

    100 yds at a piece of typewriter paper with my USP 45 just showing off to win a bet (free gatoraid tasted good)

    75 yds deer slug 12ga mossberg 500

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    Darn festus I am not even sure I can see 1000 yards.
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    Festus if things hit the fan I'm heading your way! Don't worry i'll call first. lol.

    For me about 250-300 yrds with my 16" AR15 carbine. No problems hitting a man size target. I'd like to try 1000 yrds some day once I get a scoped rifle.
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    Antelope @ approx. 600 yards. One shot, 6mm Weatherby, 8X scope and a few Milk jug size Targets with 1911 @ 100+ yards. These usually take more than one shot

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    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    Darn festus I am not even sure I can see 1000 yards.
    Yup. That about sums it up...
    Semper Fi

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    Caribou rangefinder measured @ 389yds on the trot. Above the wulik river in AK. Rem 710, 30-06, 180gr silvertips, Burris 3x9x50 scope. Have never attempted anything longer. One shot with kentucky windage, clipped the heart.

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    wolfhunter Guest
    1500 yards with an M2 .50 on a tripod
    1500 yards, plus 500 feet elevation with an M2 .50 on an anti-aircraft mount
    1000 yards with an M60
    500 yards for qualification with M16A1 (iron sights)
    200 yards with a Model 700, 7mm RemMag (2.8-10x44 scope)
    100 yards with 1911 just to say I did

  9. Does call for fire count? lol
    3700m M-220 TOW
    1000m M-47 Dragon
    1800m> M2, MK19, M60, M240, M249......

    M16A2 245 My highest score USMC KD range (200,300,500yd) in 91'

    comfortable 800yd with current collection.

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    500M man sized target M16A2 iron sights
    1500M Jeep TOW2 missile
    280Yds Elk 7mm 08 TC Encore

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    Furthest shot - a couple miles but that bullet got away from me

    400m with an AR15 and 4 power scope
    100m with various handguns at a 9" steel plate

    I'm working on getting into Front Sight's precision rifle class, which goes out to about 1200m. Gotta get Distinguished Grad in the practical rifle class first. Missed it by 7 points last time.
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