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    Can any of you gentlemen (or ladies) recommend a good company for high-capacity Mini-14 magazines? I'd like to pick up a few 30-round mags. I've been searching around, but I'm not sure what is quality and what isn't.

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    CDNN Sports Mags.

    Then go to Mags.,then go to rifle mags.,then go to Ruger mags.,then your there
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    I purchased a few of the 20 round magazines from ProMag for mine and they have performed well. Cheaper than Dirt was the cheapest around when I purchased mine.

  5. I've heard that the magazines manufactured by PMI are good quality. I've also heard bad things about Ram-Line. Can anyone confirm or deny?

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    ProMag is the only aftermarket brand that has ever worked well for me. Remember too, Ruger is now making 20 round magazines available to the public. That is a huge change from way back when I got my mini. At that time Ruger didn't sell anything bigger than 5 rds.

    Factory mags work and work well. Back around Christmas time there was a sale on them on the Ruger website. Ask your dealer if you don't find them online.


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