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Thread: What's your rifle's name?

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    I don't name inanimate objects.
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    I have some choice names when it doesn't go bang. Does this count?
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    Exclamation Thanks for keeping it PG

    Quote Originally Posted by Red Hat View Post
    I have some choice names when it doesn't go bang. Does this count?

    I'm glad you did not pull out your CATM Vocabulary, There may be little eyeballs getting roasted right out of their sockets just reading that! I have had to shelve my flight line language for similar reasons.

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    lets see... my Springfield XD is called "XD" my AR is called "AR" and my .22 revolver is called "22 Mag" Etc...
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  6. Thats funny KimberPB I call my Kimber Kimmy and every one whats to know who she is LOL
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    Come to think of it I do refer to my had gun as a heater sometimes or sometimes my "big stick".
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    My springfield XD is called "Marge" (the simpsons live in springfield", My Mossy is Brunhild after the Valkyrie, my AR if Calista (as in flockhart) cuz she's bare bones. lol. And my 1911 is called Mjolnir, cuz it is the Hammer of the Thunder God!!! I even order grips with the design on it, but I'm Asatru, so it's ok
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  9. I call mine Margaret. So when I pull her out of the safe I say, "It's me again Margaret"
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    dog, cause it bark over here and bites out younder!!!

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    never named any of them actually,but everyonce in a while I do call one of em baby ,,,,seems I have a Harem of em.
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