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Thread: What's your rifle's name?

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    I've named my 336, Lisa. Any "Weird Science" fans? And my shortened Mossy 12ga, Thumper.

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    My Coach Shotgun is "Boomer"

    Really, the wife and I named our weapons so we could talk and nobody would know what we were talking about.

    If we were out and she saw something suspicious, she may say "Did you feed Barkey (my ccw).

    "A free people should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from anyone, including their own government. ~ G. Washington

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    I've never personified a gun enough to name it. However...

    My wife began refering to my Saiga 5.56 as "Natasha, your Russian mistress"...

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    I named My M-4 The Widow Maker..
    Its Better To Have It And Not Need It Than To Need It And Not Have It.

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    I have 3 rifles:

    Zombie Killer
    Russian Zombie Killer
    Long-range Zombie Killer
    (Insert random tough-guy quote here)
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    The hardware is the same, but the software is vastly different.

  7. Well I havent named any of my weapons but the BBQ forum I frequent calls my new VZ58 , ShooterRicks Piggy Pounder. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Hat View Post
    I have some choice names when it doesn't go bang. Does this count?
    Same here

  9. I only named my 1927 Nagant Sasha, wanted to keep her Russian heritage alive. Don't have a name for my new pistol yet.

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    I named my Mosin-Nagant 91/30 Vanya, a Slavic meaning for Ivan - or John in the Western languages. This is pretty much a nod to the Russian version for the name of John Winchester, as my pistols are all named after characters from the TV series "Supernatural".

    Quote Originally Posted by FloridaBlue View Post
    I only named my 1927 Nagant Sasha, wanted to keep her Russian heritage alive. Don't have a name for my new pistol yet.
    Some additional background on the name Sasha, in case you didn't know. I find that collecting names an interesting - and relatively cheap! - hobby.
    Arkansas Concealed Carry Instructor #12-751

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    My 410 is named 'Mossy' and my 303 is the 'Equalizer'. I also have a North American Arms 22 short mini-revolver that my wife calls 'Dinky-plinky'.

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