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    Love to get hold of a SCAR...looks like they will retail for about $2,600 on the civilian market.

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    I heard chicks dig scars...

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    I got to shoot a full auto one several months back at an expo. Very nice.
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    MSRP may be $2600, but the current selling price on the auction sites is $6000.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quiet View Post
    MSRP may be $2600, but the current selling price on the auction sites is $6000.
    Always a markup on the "latest greatest"... Usually have to wait a year or two for things to settle down. It's kind of like the new Nissan GT-R.. biggest bang for your buck with MSRP at 70K right? WRONG! Try finding one priced under 95k. Ain't gonna happen!

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