My new Springfield M1A
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Thread: My new Springfield M1A

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    My new Springfield M1A

    I picked this up the other day. It was out of a large gun collection from an estate. As far as I can tell it has never been fired like almost all other firearms from this estate. At first I thought it may be a NM M1A but it only has the front sight marked NM. The folding stock is surprisingly comfortable in the shoulder. I'm going to call Springfield and see when it was manufactured.

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    WOW! Very nice Red Hat. Great find.
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    Congrats on the great find! Gotta love hidden gems like this. Sweet looking firearm!
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    very nice!!! Wish I had one just like it.
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    wolfhunter Guest
    Yeah! What they said!!!

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    Very, very nice.
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    talk about luck that is nice enjoy it

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    very very nice bro

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