BPS High Capacity vs Mossburg 590
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Thread: BPS High Capacity vs Mossburg 590

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    BPS High Capacity vs Mossburg 590

    I am a lefty, so these are the only two pump shotguns I can easily use because of the tang safety.

    Is there anybody out there who knows both have any comments on which one to use as a home/hurricane gun.
    Orlando, FL

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    GHF, I too am a lefty. I have a BPS Stalker and a Lefty Remington 870. Love them both, but for the money, the 870 is tops, IMHO.
    I have had issues with FTE on the BPS, but the 870 goes BOOM EVERY time!
    Good luck on your decision.

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    I should have said FTF (Failure to Feed). The BPS ejects empties fine. Sorry

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