Bargain Bin AR from CMMG $599.95
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Thread: Bargain Bin AR from CMMG $599.95

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    Bargain Bin AR from CMMG $599.95
    I ordered one of these Monday and it arrived Thursday. Despite what the page says about the lowers--mine is a CMMG lower. This certainly looks just like their LE carbine (Glen took one off the wall at Bargain Pawn to compare them) except that it ships without rear sight, mag, sling, etc. I haven't had a chance to shoot this yet, but I'm sure it'll be just like other CMMG rifles. You might want to look into this if you're looking for a 'basic' AR at a good price without going to the premium vendors.
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    These are generally good to go, but I would inspect it first to see if it's chrome lined and has the proper feed ramps, HPI and MPT tested BCG's and barrels etc. I see where they are only "Nitrated" in the bore. This is a system of adding nitrogen to the chome molly as a surface treatment on steels. Not as good as chrome lined barrels, but if your beginner or you want a "trunk gun" this is a good price.

    For the price, you can start learning the AR system if your not already an AR lunatic.
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