Any trouble with Maine CCW?
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Thread: Any trouble with Maine CCW?

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    Any trouble with Maine CCW?

    Over the past year or so I've obtained permits for my home state (Alabama) as well as for Florida and Utah. If I fill out the Maine application properly, should I be concerned about being turned down? Or is approval pretty much automatic if you meet the criteria?

    I spent four years in Maine for college (Colby), but I have no current plans to return. Right now, Maine honors only resident permits from Delaware, Louisiana, and South Dakota, and Maine would give me no states I don't already have. Still, I'd like to obtain a Maine permit just in case I want to go there, and I also figure the more permits the better, since reciprocity agreements do change.

    Anybody have any difficulty obtaining a Maine permit?

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    I got mine last summer and other than the eleven weeks it took, no problems at all. I think they are even issuing them a bit quicker now. Connecticut and New Hampshire are pretty easy for non-residents also.

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    As a resident of Maine, it took over 30 days to get my Permit... State law states that residents are to get the permit within 30 days and Non-Residents within 90 days. Mine took longer because the City i live in just changed the format of there Permits to include a Photo of the Permit Holder...

    So no you shouldn't have a problem getting it and yes it will probably take longer then the required 90 days.

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    Thanks for the info.

    Where are you in Maine, Tiny?

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    Greater Portland Area...

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    I received my Non resident from ME. it took a little over 45 days with no problems. Currently have NH res/PA/ME/MA which gives me pretty good coverage for where I ride.

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    Forgot to ask: Does Maine accept the NRA First Steps class or the Utah class as appropriate training? If not, what do I need?

    fxstchawg, how did you get CCW in Massachusetts? I thought they were as uncooperative as New Jersey.


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    I live close to Mass. border and I spend time a fair amount of time riding with friends there. I took a firearms safety class offered by the State (friend was giving it ). They now make it difficult for you have to go in person to Chelsea for fingerprints and photo. $100 for 1 year non-res permit. This must keep the figure down for those wanting a LTC A (ccw) permit.
    I used The Mass Firearms certificate to get my Maine License so I am guessing that any other out of state certificate should work.

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    I learned today that Maine accepts the Utah class as evidence of proficiency. They told me that they have denied some applicants who sent not a certificate/diploma from whatever class they took but simply a copy of the instructor's list of the names of attendees. Even I would have figured that more than a roster was needed.

    Oops! They returned my application with instructions to enter my initials on the bottom right of the pages. I thought that line was "for office use only."

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