PORTLAND- VA Tech shooting survivor speaks on gun control
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Thread: PORTLAND- VA Tech shooting survivor speaks on gun control

  1. PORTLAND- VA Tech shooting survivor speaks on gun control

    PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- One of the survivors of the Virginia Tech shootings 3 years ago was in Maine Wednesday.

    Colin Goddard is speaking at an awards dinner put on by The Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence.


    I wonder if Colin or his sponsors noted the NRA, Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence, SAM and the Department of Justice partnered and endorsed the Maine Gun Sellers Kit? It can be ordered at www.MaineCWPtraining.com or ORDER MAINE GUN SELLERS KIT: EMAIL [email protected] OR CALL (207) 771-3294~ That's the rest of the story.

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    I guess that Colin does not understand that if someone was armed on that campus and saw the shooting going down, that he, Colin, very likely would not have been shot. He is fighting against something that had nothing to do with the shooting on the VT campus.

    He has suffered a Brand Bunch Brain Bash. I know he was hurt, but why do those sorts not want to take care of themselves. I like the saying I saw in someones signature that says, in response to the question of why do I carry a gun. Because a Policeman is too heavy.

  4. November 11

    Virginia Tech survivor speaks

    PORTLAND - When Colin Goddard got up on the morning of April 16, 2007, and walked to his intermediate French class at Norris Hall on the campus of Virginia Tech, he was just another college student.

    Colin Goddard, who was shot four times in the 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech, advocates for stricter gun sale laws on Wednesday in Portland

    Today, the 25-year-old resident of Washington, D.C., travels around the country advocating for stricter gun sale laws. His goal is to prevent another massacre like the one at Virginia Tech that day, when 32 faculty members and students were killed.

    Goddard, who was shot four times and still has bullet fragments in his body, is now assistant director of federal legislation for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. He was the featured speaker Wednesday night at the 11th annual Buzz Fitzgerald Award dinner, named for the former head of Bath Iron Works who died in 2002.

    The dinner at the Italian Heritage Center was hosted by Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence.


    An armed professor or other law abiding citizen properly trained may have saved Colin and the nation great pain.

    Gun free zones protect the criminal minds.

  5. This is dead in the water legislation, defeated 5 times before; Fill up the council mailboxes and or attend Monday's meeting and ask your written comments be entered onto the minutes for the record. Spread the word please.

    Resolve 3-10/11 Resolution Supporting Legislation Prohibiting Guns in Publicly
    (Tab 15) Owned or Controlled Buildings or Facilities that Host Large Public Gatherings Ė Sponsored by the Public Safety Committee, Councilor Daniel S. Skolnik, Chair.

    On October 12th, the Public Safety Committee voted 2-0 to send a Resolution to the Council supporting the creation of state legislation that would prohibit firearms in certain publicly owed facilities where mass gatherings occur.

    At the November 1st Council meeting, this item was postponed to this meeting. Five affirmative votes are required for passage after public comment.

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