Bushmaster Firearms in Windham Leaving the Clutches of Maine
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Thread: Bushmaster Firearms in Windham Leaving the Clutches of Maine

  1. Bushmaster Firearms in Windham Leaving the Clutches of Maine

    Update: Bushmaster in Windham closing, 73 workers affected

    Update: Windham State Senator Bill Diamond says he's working with local leaders to make sure the employees get the help they need to find new jobs. Senator Diamond says he's contacted the Governor's office to get a special team together to make sure the displaced workers get proper training, if needed, in order to find new work. That team is expected to be in place by Monday.

    The company that owns Bushmaster Firearms in Windham is shutting the facility down, putting more than 70 people out of work.


  3. I haven't had much time to display the $2,685 Enhanced Bushmaster ACR. It will be raffled off Sunday February 6th at 6:00 PM at Cabela's Maine during the NRA Classic Weekend running the 4th, 5th & 6th.

    Proceeds Benefit Western Maine Fish & Game Community Activities.
    No more than 1000 tickets will be sold.

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