Maine: Proposed Ban on Ammunition Magazine Defeated
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Thread: Maine: Proposed Ban on Ammunition Magazine Defeated

  1. Maine: Proposed Ban on Ammunition Magazine Defeated

    On Thursday, January 27, the Maine Legislature's Legislative Council defeated a measure proposed by state Representative Anne Haskell (D-117), which would have banned the sale of ammunition magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds of ammunition. Since the proposal was requested after the January 7 deadline, the ten person Legislative Council needed to approve the measure before it could be considered by the legislature. The measure failed by a 5 to 5 vote.

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    Ooof. Sucks that it was even that close. I'm waiting on a Maine non-res permit right now myself.

  4. from omyde

    January 29

    Council kills bill to ban high-capacity gun clips
    The proposal would have prohibited sales in Maine of the type of ammunition used in Tucson.

    AUGUSTA Maine's legislative leaders have rejected a proposal to prohibit the sale of high-capacity ammunition clips.

    The Legislative Council, which has six Republican members and four Democrats, voted 5-5 Thursday on a bill proposed by state Rep. Anne Haskell, D-Portland.


  5. Legislative Council Members for the 125th Legislature

    Sen. Kevin L. Raye, President of the Senate, Chair of the Legislative Council
    Rep. Robert W. Nutting, Speaker of the House, Vice-Chair of the Legislative Council
    Sen. Jonathan T. E. Courtney, Senate Majority Leader
    Sen. Debra D. Plowman, Senate Assistant Majority Leader
    Sen. Barry J. Hobbins, Senate Minority Leader
    Sen. Justin L. Alfond, Senate Assistant Minority Leader
    Rep. Philip A. Curtis, House Majority Leader
    Rep. Andre E. Cushing, III, House Assistant Majority Leader
    Rep. Emily A. Cain, House Minority Leader
    Rep. Teresea Hayes, House Assistant Minority Leader

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