Cannot Open Carry With a Concealed Carry Holster
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Thread: Cannot Open Carry With a Concealed Carry Holster

  1. Cannot Open Carry With a Concealed Carry Holster

    Bangor teen points gun at another
    April 20, 2011

    BANGOR, Maine — A woman near the Dunkin’ Donuts on Main Street noticed a Bangor teenager pointing a gun at another person Tuesday afternoon and called police who arrived in force, Sgt. Paul Edwards said Wednesday.

    Officer Joe Baillargeon and backup units responded to the junction of Davis and Main streets at around 4 p.m. and found Alexander W. Moleon, 18, of Bangor.

    “Mr. Moleon threw his hands in the air as the officer approached him and was immediately searched,” Edwards said in a statement.

    He had a .380-caliber handgun in a holster and told Baillargeon “that a group of armed guys came after him,” the sergeant said.


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    That sounded kinda crazy at first but after reading the story I can see where this was going ... inside the waistband holsters, ankle holsters and such ...

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    Imo the holster shouldnt matter if the firearm is out in the open.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glockdude View Post
    Imo the holster shouldnt matter if the firearm is out in the open.
    Without a belt loop or belt clip on the holster, I would say it would be pretty much impossible to open carry with one of these:

    However, I have to agree with you... if the officer's did not see him concealing the gun, or found the gun concealed on his person, I don't see how they could get carrying a concealed gun to stick. That would be like finding a hacksaw in my house and saying that the hacksaw was designed to the cut down the barrel of my shotgun and charging me with possessing a short barrelled shotgun.
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    As with many news articles, they tend not to have the details that firearms owners are looking for, or the article just raises more questions.

    This raises an interesting point with open carry. A full size pistol is easier to see than, say a kel tec p3at, where the holster could very well cover the entire gun, and still look similar to a cell phone holder that attaches to a belt. It seems like another example where the legal interpretation could solely be up to the opinion of the law inforcement officer involved.

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