Boy shoots pit bull defending three victims already bitten
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Thread: Boy shoots pit bull defending three victims already bitten

  1. Boy shoots pit bull defending three victims already bitten

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  5. Boy shoots dog to end rampage that injures 3
    A grandmother's calf is partially torn off during attacks that started when a pit bull killed a small dog.

    MANCHESTER - Three people were taken to a hospital in Lewiston on Wednesday after a pit bull attacked them at their home.

    Kennebec County Sheriff’s Sgt. Chris Cowan watches Wednesday as Deputy Joshua Hardy and Jeremiah Bailie load the remains of Bailie’s pit bull Excalibur into a vehicle after a 12-year-old shot the dog during attacks at the Bailie home in Manchester. Bailie, 30, said he had trained his son to shoot the dog if it ever attacked someone. “I didn’t want it to end up being something like this,” he said.

    The dog was shot to death by the owner's 12-year-old son as it was biting the boy's grandmother.


  6. I can't wait to see what moron is going to post a thread saying that all "Bit bulls" aren't bad. That breed needs to be terminated, period. Pit Bull owners should be mandated to carry a minimum 5,000,000 dollar policy and held accountable for the actions of this worthless breed, and mandatory jail sentence of minimum of 10 years if the dog bites someone.
    "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it."Frederic Bastia

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    The boy did the right thing, but I question having a dog that you don't trust near your children. I don't question the instructions given to the boy (shoot it if it attacks someone) because you have to be ready for that possibility. If my family adopts a dog my son will be told something similar once he is old enough. However, if I think there is any possibility it will bite someone (other than a burglar/home invader) the dog will be gone.

    While I think wooddoctor's view is a little extreme I don't think pits should be kept inside. Quite often an animal that is confined will be more agressive when it comes out. I know it's a completely different animal but I had a cat that we tried to keep inside full-time. He was very agressive (though we kept his claws trimmed so he couldn't do any real damage). Once we started letting him out he was much calmer inside.

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    It says alot about pitbulls when the owner feels the need to train his son to shoot it if it ever attacks grandma

  9. The father instructed the son how to kill the dog if he attacked anyone!

  10. July 16

    Two Lights park evacuated again for 'agitated' fox
    Thursday's decision shows new caution among rangers a week after a rabid fox attacked a visitor and her young son.

    By David Hench [email protected]
    Staff Writer

    CAPE ELIZABETH - Jim Flahaven of South Portland was relaxing on the rocks at Two Lights State Park late Thursday afternoon when a park ranger beckoned him away from the water.

    click image to enlarge

    John Polackwich cautions a motorist to be alert for any unusual behavior by foxes at Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth on Friday.

    Gabe Souza/Staff Photographer
    Select images available for purchase in the
    Maine Today Photo Store

    At first, Flahaven thought he was just too close to the crashing surf. But the ranger insisted that he climb up from the rocks, then told him and others to leave the park because of an emergency.

    "We were joking that it was a tsunami or terrorists. It can't be a shark because nobody swims there," Flahaven said.

    When he saw a ranger pulling a big stick out of his truck, Flahaven concluded it was a fox alert.


  11. **** pit bulls. I know a few ppl that swear they would never hurt anyone but one day they all have had their dogs do something they didn't think they would do. Rather it would be trying to bite or be aggressive. Its in the pit bulls blood to be violent. I say eliminate the breed and be done with them. I fell sry for kids parents that keep pit bulls around.

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